Drilling Performance & Improvement Services

Oil and Gas Operators are faced with the challenge of delivering wells efficiently in spite of increasing well complexities, unconventional and less accessible hydrocarbon reserves, factors, which, all put together, lead to increased non-productive time (NPT) and associated trouble costs. 

We provide resident performance improvement consultants with permanent rigsite and office coverage, who bring a unique combination of drilling domain expertise and outside consulting and coaching skills to compliment the drilling teams. While Drilling Engineers continue to focus on the technical aspects of the drilling operation, Ofserv consultants will focus on introducing, fostering and driving a performance culture within the drilling teams by executing the various elements of the Ofserv Drilling Performance & Measurement Services (DPAMS), a model, underpinned by “Technical Limit Drilling“ principles.

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Leadership Enrollment 

With the Business case established and action plan developed, we work with the client leadership to take ownership of the process, clarify accountabilities as well as supportive behaviours critical to the success of the process.  

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The Improve phase involves the facilitation of learning from every of the previous phases and the distillation and cascading of same, within the relevant onshore and offshore based drilling team members. Lessons must be captured and incorporated in existing Lessons Learned register started at the Challenge workshops and be validated by relevant technical authorities and fed into the go forward plan for future activities. The Performance Coach is responsible for driving this process with rigor, quantifying the value of lessons learned and reporting same on Value reports and other scorecards / dashboards.

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Our Drilling Performance and Measurement Services (DPAMS) model is geared towards unlocking hidden value within our client’s drilling teams. This is achieved via the strategic integration of technology, robust processes and engaged personnel in a coordinated, sustainable program.  

DPAMS encompasses a portfolio of strategic and tactical assessment and implementation activities overarched by the critical step of leadership enrolment within a 4-phase structure.  


This is the phase where our Performance Engineers begin to perform tactical tasks of implementing the well program from a performance standpoint. They work side-by-side with the rig leadership as well as rig crew and service company personnel. They begin to actively promote a continuous improvement and performance culture and embedding the DPAMS planning, performing, measuring and learning ethos.  The phase consists of 4 iterative steps as follows: 

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