Geo-Environmental Service

Environmental Social Impact Assessment / Environmental and Social Management Plan development (ESIA / ESMP)

We are involved from the initial feasibility stages through the development process to project handover. From assessing environmental and social impact through to gaining regulatory approvals, developing and monitoring the ESMP, we have extensive expertise to ensure that our Clients can achieve their sustainable business and corporate responsibility aspirations whilst delivering a successful development.

Environmental Audits / Risk Management

We conduct independent environmental audits with the objective of demonstrating that a company’s management system and other environmental requirement is compliant with local and international regulations, robust and fit for purpose satisfying stakeholders, including the regulator, reporting requirements.

Environmental Monitoring

We provide the specification, installation and deployment of best-in-class vibration, air, ground gas, ground water, noise and dust monitoring technologies for contaminated land remediation and construction applications while ensuring compliance to environmental standards and satisfying regulatory requirements.

Site Survey and Geohazard investigation

We undertake marine site surveys to enable rig placement and Geohazard investigations, geophysical, geotechnical and environmental services with the ability to deliver a turnkey scope.

Route Survey and Seabed mapping

We provide highly detailed imagery of the seabed and potential debris using versatile, advanced acoustics/sonar sensors and collecting bathymetric data, using the latest Multi-Beam Echo Sounders (MBES)
Other Geoenvironmental Consultancy services include:

  • Desk Study
  • Site Investigation
  • Ground Improvement and Soil Stabilization
  • Construction Environmental Monitoring Plan Design
  • Remediation Strategy Design
  • Remediation Verification and Validation
  • Regulatory Liaison

Mining & Minerals

We provide mineral impact assessments to confirm that mineral deposits will not be sterilized beneath proposed developments. Alternatively, mineral deposits can be assessed to determine their viability for commercial mineral extraction and our geotechnical expertise used to enable the extraction process. Furthermore, our in-house mining expertise enables us to pragmatically assess the risk of ground movement due to historic and active mining activities e.g. for coal evaporates, brine and metals as well as risks associated with underground cavities formed from natural processes such as limestone dissolution features. Once mining risk is identified, our geotechnical engineers can design solutions to remediate them.

Geotechnical Engineering

We routinely undertake desk-based hazard/option appraisals, specification and management of ground investigations; ground engineering design and specification, construction monitoring and supervision for a wide range of projects both in the UK and internationally. We also provide expert witness advice on geotechnical problems. Engineering Geology such as desk study, aerial photo interpretation, site reconnaissance, site investigation, in situ testing, geophysics, laboratory testing, site instrumentation and monitoring - Geotechnical Engineering not limited to foundations, excavations, slopes engineering, retaining structures, tunnels and ground improvement