Subsurface Consultancy - Who are We

We provide E & P consultancy focused on maximizing oil & gas life cycle value and improving hydrocarbon recovery.

OFSERV’s Subsurface consultancy offering is provided in conjunction with 3DOs Global Energy LLC and together avails clients of a combined industry experience exceeding 450 years across all major oil provinces and every phase of upstream operations to our clients.

The following are the few of our highly specialised services that we render to our clients:
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Field development planning (FDP) and life cycle planning
  • Integrated Field Studies / Reservoir Modeling
  • Focused Data Gathering
  • Seismic Data Acquisition & Interpretation
  • Access to specialized seismic technology for differentiating gas
  • World Class Geological / Geophysical Interpretation
  • Identify & evaluate drilling prospects
  • ...
  • Water flood design, development, and reservoir management
  • Well, Field and Reservoir management (WRFM)
  • Teams for exploration, FDP, and mature fields
  • Subsurface integrated study
  • Surface infrastructure planning/development
  • Investment in selected projects
  • Early Production Facility feasibility
  • Wells Project Management.
  • Operations monitoring / Well post-mortem
  • Software, Hardware & IT Infrastructure
  • R & D Planning
  • Virtual mentoring and guided learning
  • Geoscience, Petroleum, and reservoir engineering supports for exploration
  • Technical reviews and peer assists
  • Workshops and training customized to individual needs
  • Technical Supervisory Service
  • Mature Field Performance Improvement
  • EOR from screening => technical study => piloting => risk management => reservoir management
  • Field acquisition & divestiture support
  • Drilling & Completion design
  • Geological Modeling
  • Technology investment and deployment planning
  • Basin/Block level master planning