Subsurface Consultancy - Team Experience

Ofserv consultant pool is a cohesive team of carefully selected discipline experts with several years of experience working on projects together.

Our business model employs the flexible blend of local and expatriate consultants so we can quickly adapt to local environments and the specific needs of clients and/or partners. We have experience providing pure consultancy/advisory services for individual projects or total E&P solutions such as constructing more detailed entire life cycle designs to optimize economic development of fields or field groupings encompassing exploration and recovery under primary, secondary and enhance oil recovery phases. Our consultants bring over 500 years of experience from their previous work with national oil companies, IOCs and Independents . Our careers have encompassed all phases of the upstream E&P life cycle from exploration, drilling, facility engineering integrated static and dynamic simulation modelling, field development planning (FDP), reservoir management, waterflood and EOR implementation, operations, and rejuvenation of mature oil fields.

Our consultants bring experience working on projects at $20/bbl. all through to >$100/bbl. oil price. We advocate a holistic approach for maximizing oilfield life cycle value by applying key activities such as IOR for production enhancement and integrated reservoir modeling for field development and management. Primary oil recovery is followed by secondary recovery using waterflood and by tertiary recovery using EOR options such as water-alternating-gas, chemical, low salinity and thermal processes such as steam.

We ae happy to work with clients on any component of the above roadmap or the entire roadmap on one field or an entire portfolio. Our offering is comprehensive for all major aspects of the E&P life cycle including subsurface studies, facility engineering, infrastructure development, and project management. Our advanced Project Management capability ensures we prevent project failure by implementing, monitoring, evaluating, and timely revising plans and strategies. We also flexibly fill in missing links in the workflow of infrastructure projects and project management processes.

We provide training across surface and subsurface disciplines to clients globally: In addition to offering the most experienced SMEs in the industry, we also offer the most holistic training programs.

Our philosophy is that simply being great at what we do is not good enough, to be truly great we must pass on our experience and knowledge to the next generation. Our training program offerings are available for both standard industry public classes and customized for strategically important long term clients. For key clients, we will integrate training with consultancy services in a holistic manner with the objective of accelerating the development of engineers and scientists at a speed that is much faster than what is achievable with conventional training.

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