Realtime Drilling Operations Service

The constant need to reduce operational costs by reduction of trouble events and associated non productive time (NPT) and costs, provide reasonable justification for 24-7 realtime transfer of drilling data from remote rigsite locations to shore.

Office based drilling specialists derive unprecedented access to operational progress, thus empowered to lend their expertise to the rig based team on a collaborative basis. Open collaboration is crucial to making informed decisions through seamless information sharing in realtime and underpins drilling operations performance improvement as well as safety excellence.


Ofserv RTOS-OPMC (Open Platform for Mobile Collaboration) enables remote monitoring of operations and drilling optimization data across a common Web-enable platform. This secure network provides the ability to view up-to-the-minute information that enhances reservoir understanding and enables quick, accurate decisions that help overcome well hazards, manage costs effectively, and optimize well performance.

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