Directional Drilling/MWD/LWD

Ofserv provides directional drilling /formation evaluation while drilling services geared towards helping clients drill the most fit-for purpose wells, which meet all objectives at the lowest cost per foot without compromising HSE and wellbore quality.

Ofserv merges its in-house domain expertise with the combined experience of its partners to tackle the most challenging drilling problems, by employing a unique convergence of cutting edge drilling / formation evaluation technologies, flawlessly deployed by an elite team of very experienced and creative thinkers. Our commitment to our clients: “we will add considerable value by consistently helping you to reduce operating costs as well as risk exposure, ultimately improving your bottom line by increasing well productivity as a result of better well placement“

The overarching objectives of our directional services are:
  • Data accuracy
  • Directional Drilling / Formation evaluation cost reduction
  • Non Productive time reduction
  • Drilling efficiency enhancement
  • Improved safety
Our directional drilling / formation evaluation while drilling services include:

We draw on several man-years of construction and installation support knowledge, experience and best practices across multiple-disciplinary teams to support clients at the construction, installation and commissioning phases of their projects.